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Preparedness Educational Services is dedicated to preparedness and survival of crises. A crisis might be individual, such as the loss of a job or a long term illness; local, as in a natural disaster or a chemical spill; national, as in a terrorist attack, or global, as in a pandemic or a war. We know that it is too late to prepare when a disaster has hit, so we offer a number of resources as a means to help others and ourselves achieve a personal level of preparedness and survivability before a crisis comes.

Preparedness Educational Services sites include:

A free preparedness resource we are building to provide help with many topics such as food gathering, homesteading, real-life survival stories and much more.

Frugal’s Forums
A survivalist forum with a large member base creating an online community that possess an amazing amount of hands on knowledge all shared in the spirit of cooperation and a willingness to help others. Join in and learn!


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